• 12.5 m slackline plus 2.5 m ratchet band with safety lock. Two parts for quick assembly

  • Travel line - super compact and light! It's quick and easy to set up

  • RatPad X13 ratchet cover, user manual and set-up guide

  • Take anywhere and use in the park, camping, sport halls, snow boarding, skating, where ever!

  • Bundled with Gibbon wrist/sweatbands for added style!

  • Established in 2007 GIBBON was the first provider of slackline sets consisting of only 2 parts and therefore revolutionised the entire sport! Slacklining is the modern take on a tightrope, but unlike a tightrope there is flexibility and bounce in the webbing which adds another dimension! Slacklining is great exercise for kids & adults, combining muscle training, core strength and balance. It's fun to practice on your own or having a laugh with family and friends. Beware though, it can become very addictive! All you need are two anchor points, normally trees, but there are endless possibilities: lamp posts, rocks, in sports halls or using Gibbon ground screws and A-frames.

    Start off learning to balance and walk along the line. The first time you will wobble - a lot! But persevere and after a few sessions you will suddenly get the hang of it. Then move on to whatever tricks you would like: walking backwards, turning, sitting, somersaults. Check out Youtube and the web for a host of information and videos.

    Gibbon make a wide range of slacklines for all uses and levels. The lines are easy to put up and roll away into a bag for easy to storage and transport.

    Available as:
    - Gibbon X13 Classic - 15m x 50mm - all rounder - 2 parts - Search for B002SA0LPO
    - Gibbon X13 Classic XL - 25m x 50mm - 2 parts - to span longer distances - Search for B002SA0LQ8
    - Gibbon Jibline - 15m x 50mm - 2 parts - ultra dynamic flex for tricks and moves! - Search for B002SA2K4Y
    - Gibbon X13 Funline - 15m x 50mm - 2 parts - ideal for kids - Search for B002SA46DM
    - Gibbon X13 Travel line - 15m x 50mm - 2 parts - super compact and light - Search for B002S9WROI
    - Gibbon Surfer - 30m x 50mm - 2 parts - the ultimate kick! Surf and bounce like never before! - Search for B005FVHGSS

    15m TRAVEL LINE X13 Slackline Set - compact and light with ratchet cover + wristbands bundle - B002S9WROI

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    15m TRAVEL LINE X13 Slackline Set - compact and light with ratchet cover + wristbands bundle - B002S9WROI

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